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Parfait Vous | #76

Author: hateulipseu
Prompt #: 76
Title: parfait vous
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: chanbaek, minor!kaisoo
Summary: chanyeol just didn'yt know how to deal with baekhyun's perfection.
Word Count: 3814
Warnings: swearings, some french words, failed!fluff, unbeta-ed
Author Note(s): mods, thank you for your patience .. i appreciate it a lot T.T prompter, i hope you'll enjoy this and thank you for the lovely prompt <3 readers, italics means they're talking in french (since me + french = 0 lol), enjoy the ride give it lots of loveeee~~

The library looked calm and quiet with the lack of presence of students filling the rows of tables and chairs. The sounds of a few students typing on their laptops, pens running on the surface of papers and the librarian in-charge sneezed due to the coldness from the aircond and rain outside, echoed inside the library.

Even so, Chanyeol liked it. Despite of being loud and noisy almost everytime, Chanyeol did enjoy some quiet time for himself. Especially when he needed to practice his French for a presentation in less than a week.

Chanyeol sighed as he looked over his script, even though he’d seen the very same words for the past two hours. He wanted to strangle Kyungsoo and Jongin for coming out with this ridiculous lengthy script.

He knew most of them were written by Kyungsoo, seeing the words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘fried chicken’ were on repeat, and Jongin just let him memorize most of them just because he’s a French major.

When he applied for the course, this wasn’t what he signed for. He always found French, or language in general, fascinating. He loved how the world united with the power of language, or how a word could be said in languages but the feels it gave still the same.

But being friends with the lovebirds who thought movie dates were more important than actually helped him with the assignment really wasn’t a part of his plan (Kyungsoo and Jongin were great friends, but they’re assholes who thought Chanyeol didn’t need any help in French. “You’re a French major and we’re just peasants who wished to seem a bit sophisticated if we speak French.” Kyungsoo said once and Chanyeol had never felt to scream at someone as much as he wanted to Kyungsoo that day.)

So there he was, sitting in between two tall bookshelves, trying to perfecting his French pronunciation. But the coldness and repetitive words were starting to test his patience. He really wanted to have Jongin and Kyungsoo in front of his eyes so he could strangle them for real.

“… The beautiful way of your eyes ..”

“The beauti—“

“Beautiful ..”

He’s been stuck there since forever and he’s almost got it perfect when the sound of books fell echoed. To make things worse, they fell on his head and fuck, it hurt so damn much. Too hurtful that he couldn’t even scream in pain. He just rubbed his head harshly, eyes started to sting in tears.

“Oh my God!I’m so sorry!” a boy crouched in front of him. Chanyeol lifted up his head, wanted to scream and spit profanities to the person for ruining his already not-so good day. But all his words disappeared instantly as his eyes were now no the boy’s face.

The boy’s eyes were brown and deep in worries, lips were pouting slightly as his hand made its way to Chanyeol’s head. His hand touched Chanyeol’s for a split second, but it was electrifying enough that Chanyeol quickly moved his hand.

The boy seemed confused, but still worried. Chanyeol’s eyes still trained on him, unable to move away from the beauty his eyes were feasting on. The boy repeated his question, and Chanyeol could only utter a word.


The boy seemed even more confused, and so did Chanyeol.

"S-sorry .. I didn't mean to be .. errr .. you know .. Sorry again .." Chanyeol muttered, begging for the God's mercy to not make his elf-like ears turned pink.

The boy just chuckled and once again flashed his beautiful smile. Chanyeol couldn't help but to be even more mesmerized.

"It's okay. I'm the one who should apologize, though. Is your head okay?Follow my finger .. Do you feel like throwing up or dizzy?" the beautiful boy asked again. Chanyeol couldn't hear a thing, to be honest. He was busy worshiping the way his small mole on his lips moved as he talked and his pink, healthy lips. Even the frown on his forehead looked beautiful.

He's just a walking perfection, and Chanyeol wanted to cry over the fact that he could see such a perfection before his death.

"Omg this seems serious. Let me take you to the infirmary!" the boy started to panic. Chanyeol quickly got back on his senses, as the boy tried his hardest to pull Chanyeol to stand up.

"No no no .. I'm okay .. Just a slight bump, I think .." Chanyeol said, rubbing his head softly and grinned. The boy smiled back, and more adjectives came rushing to him like a stream during a rainy day. Chanyeol just couldn’t stop being more and more amazed.

Chanyeol stumbled a bit while he’s trying to get up. The boy reflexed quickly by grabbing his hands, Chanyeol’s heartbeat went 56% faster than usual. It was electrifying, despite of the boy’s hands felt so soft against his skin.

“Put some ice on it, okay?” the boy said worriedly. Chanyeol’s eyes were set on the cron of the boy’s head. He’s so … small. Just right for Chanyeol’s height. The library felt hotter, despite of the chills from the aircond and the rain outside.

The boy soon left, of course not before flashing his perfect smile, and Chanyeol was about to slap himself for not thanking him.

And ask for his name.

“Yo!What had you hangin’, bro?” Jongin asked as he took a seat beside Chanyeol. Chanyeol was startled, his clouds of thoughts were gone in instance. Kyungsoo couldn’t be seen anywhere, which was weird, because Jongin literally couldn’t breathe without Kyungsoo, his oxygen tank.

“Where’s Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asked, lazily munching on his cold French fries one by one.

“He’s with his new friend. They’re coming here soon ..” Jongin said, silently stealing some of Chanyeol’s French fries. The taller seemed really out of his mind, since he just let Jongin steal almost half of his French fries that’s a bitch to pay for a full-scholarship student like Chanyeol.

But he managed to grab the giant’s attention by his last sentence.

“You’re not setting me up on a double date, right?” Chanyeol asked in suspicion. Seeing Jongin just replied with a silent sheepish smile made him believed his theory was right.

He didn’t know why they were being like this. Chanyeol’s the biggest flirt they had ever known. Boys and girls always fell for his pickup lines and he sounded sexy in French (At least, he thought he sounded sexy stalking in French). He didn’t need help to get laid. Moreover, Kyungsoo and Jongin literally screamed ‘bad decision’ and Chanyeol refused to be stuck with their terrible choice on people.

“Fuckers!” Chanyeol said, making Jongin frowned at him.

“You know I mastered curse words more than proper words, right?Bitchy!” Chanyeol puffed his cheeks in annoyance, not wanting to waste his time bickering with Jongin. Jongin was childish most of the time, but he’s surely could act like a man when it came to Kyungsoo.

There was a time where Kyungsoo was awfully sick. Chanyeol wasn’t at their room that morning, since he had a presentation he needed to attend. As soon as he was done, his phone was blasted with 59 miscalls and 40 messages, all from Jongin. Seeing the frantic messages of Kyungsoo didn’t pick up his calls nor replied his messages, Chanyeol rushed to his room, only to find Jongin was there. He’s in the verge of tears, his fists were red from the constant pounding on the door.

Chanyeol’s backpack was long forgotten on the floor soon after, as he frantically took out his keys and unlock the door, only to find Kyungsoo unconscious on the floor. His forehead was slightly bleeding, probably hit the corner of the table by accident. Chanyeol was about to get a panic attack, when Jongin swiftly carried Kyungsoo into his arms and ran as fast as he could to the nearest clinic.

It turned out that he was food poisoned, and it was the first time he saw Jongin shed infinity drops of tears. Even Kyungsoo consoled him, telling that it wasn’t his fault, Jongin just couldn’t stop.

That time, Chanyeol learnt that someone could be a great man when he fell in love.

Chanyeol was assured that it was true love between Jongin and Kyungsoo. (Still, Chanyeol hated it when they acted mushy and like a super greasy and gross couple in front of him.)

“Hi!” Kyungsoo’s voice echoed from the back of his head cheerily. Jongin’s smile widen in instance at the sight of his lover. Chanyeol, then, heard Jongin greeting someone else in polite manner (much to his surprise, to be honest).

“Wow!Your new friend is .. pretty!” Jongin said, trying to give the best compliment he could think of that wouldn’t risk his life from his sometimes overzealous lover. Chanyeol was extremely annoyed. He really wanted to get the hell out of there. He didn’t care whether his date was pretty or anything, he knew the person would be shitty as fuck, since he befriended Do Kyungsoo.

“No, really ..” the boy replied, chuckled in embarrassment a bit at the end of his words. Chanyeol snorted, not meant to be loud to let three pairs of eyes on him. Kyungsoo pinched his shoulder and let out a fake laugh. Chanyeol winced in pain and turned to his back, hoping that his glare would kill Kyungsoo in instance.

Instead, his eyes laid on Kyungsoo’s friend.

Who’s not a new face to him.


“How did you know Baekhyun, again?” Kyungsoo asked as soon as Baekhyun's backview disappeared into the crowds outside the cafe.

The "double-date" (Chanyeol finally could admit it) was a half-success. He scored a hot date (and cute too .. and beautiful), and Kyungsoo had been sprinkling compliments about him to Baekhyun, much to his pleasure, because Kyungsoo never did so before. Baekhyun also had been smiling and laughing, signing that he had a great time with them.

The only thing that ruined it was Kyungsoo's continuous bugging about their first meeting. Chanyeol refused to let his bestfriends knew and let him drown in embarrassment for the rest of his life.

Thank God Kyungsoo had another date that night (probably just another make out session with Jongin, but Chanyeol really didn't want to know that), he was quickly dismissed to return back to his room.

He’s about to take a rest and actually question himself for his unnecessary tsundere attitude to the overly-nice Baekhyun, when his room’s door was knocked from the outside.

He opened it with no doubt, only to find Baekhyun smiling like a fucking sunshine with a plate of cookies and muffins. Baekhyun said ‘hi’, and it’s enough to drive Chanyeol mad.

“As an apology for the incident back in the library ..” Baekhyun said, and flashed out an even sweeter smile than before. Oh my God, Chanyeol never thought he could be such a big, fat loser like this.

“How did you know my room?” Chanyeol asked, still not taking the plate Baekhyun’s been holding out to him.

“Oh!Kyungsoo told me!If you’re okay, can I come in?” Baekhyun asked, now flashing a bashful smile. He chuckled a bit, and Chanyeol was now completely frozen at his place.

“Are you seriously okay?” Baekhyun asked, as he didn’t receive any reply from the taller. His eyes filled with worry and pity, Chanyeol couldn’t help but to melt into his eyes.

“No, no, no!I’m okay!” Chanyeol said and quickly made way for Baekhyun to enter his room. Baekhyun thanked him and took of his shoes, placing the plate at the nearest coffee table he could see. His eyes wandered around, smiling as he saw a picture of Chanyeol smiling happily beside Kyungsoo and Jongin. It was probably Kyungsoo’s birthday, since ‘Birthday Fucker’ was scribbled on his forehead and his face was smeared with whipping cream.

Then, his eyes fell on the guitar and piano besides the television.

Baekhyun couldn’t help but to lie his hand on the piano, stroked it lovingly before pressing some notes softly. It soon turned into a beautiful melody, which made Chanyeol made his way to the living room as well.

Baekhyun was so into the song, Chanyeol didn’t want to interrupt him. He looked as if he was possessed by a Mozart spirit, head tilted to the back as the beautiful sound went on and his beautiful fingers kept dancing on the keyboard. As the song got more intense and faster, Baekhyun stopped playing abruptly. He held his wrist, face crunched in pain.

“Are you okay?” Chanyeol asked. Baekhyun quickly stood up, embarrassed that he was caught red-handed.

“Yeah. It’s been a while since I last play it ..” Baekhyun said. Baekhyun soon changed the topic to the guitar. Chanyeol knew Baekhyun didn’t want to talk about it, so he didn’t dwell on it.

“Play me a song ..” Baekhyun requested. He smiled in eagerness as he took a hold on the instrument, his beautiful fingers strummed on the strings beautifully.

Chanyeol was flustered. It’s barely a day since he first knew the boy, and yet he couldn’t let the request pass by.

And to his surprise, Baekhyun sang along to the song.

That very moment, he knew one thing for sure.

Byun Baekhyun’s a walking perfection ad it’s a shame that no one knew about it. But deep inside, he’s glad that he’s able to discover it.

“Why didn’t you major in singing?” Chanyeol asked in curiosity.

“What’s the point when I can’t play piano anymore?” Baekhyun said, lips forming a pained smile. Probably he wanted to ease the uneasiness Chanyeol started to wear on his face.

Suddenly, the air filled with an awkward silent. Chanyeol’s eyes wandered everywhere aside from Baekhyun, eventually fell on the neatly arranged black and white keys beneath his long fingers. His index fingers pressed on the two keys, slowly making the melodies into the ‘Chopstick Song’.

Baekhyun chuckled before his fingers went to the piano again, following the taller.

The song ended shortly, their eyes met for a brief moment. Baekhyun had his lips slightly parted, his brown orbs filled with pure happiness and innocence. Chanyeol grinned at the sight and before bursting into a trail of loud laugh.

Baekhyun’s laughed along, his adorable canines pointed out from his upper lips. He looked like a cute puppy. Jongin would be furious, but Baekhyun was even much cuter than Monggu, Janggu and Jjangah. Chanyeol wanted to run his fingers to the fluff on the top Baekhyun’s head but decided to against it since they barely knew each other and it would be so creepy for him to do that. A half-success date didn’t mean he could go around and touch someone’s head and tell them how cute they were, he wanted to bite them in the cutest way he could.

“Oh God, help me!”

He received a slightly stunned Baekhyun, probably due to the foreign language, but whatever. It’s not like Baekhyun needed to know what’s he’s been doing to him since the first moment they met eyes.

The next time Chanyeol met Baekhyun was a pure coincidence (probably not, judging from Kyungsoo’s mischievous smirk). Baekhyun had a music sheet in his hand, which was quite confusing at first, since Chanyeol was informed that he’s a pre-med student.

“Oh hi, Chanyeol!” he said cheerfully, flashing his signature smile that had fucked Chanyeol countless of times, despite of only meeting him for the third time of the month.

“Did you change your major?” Chanyeol asked, eyes still on the music sheet. It looked familiar somehow. His hands went closer, wanting to reach out to the papers in Baekhyun’s palms. Baekhyun noticed and quickly moved away, walking to the piano.

He took a seat and about to play, when Chanyeol quickly stopped him.

“You sure you wanna play?You didn’t seem fine the other day, though ..” Chanyeol ask out of concern.

“Woah woah woah!What’s this about ‘the other day’ thing that I have no knowledge of?” Kyungsoo stepped in, ignoring the tension in between Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s gaze to each other.

“Fuck off, Kyungsoo!” Chanyeol said, made Kyungsoo frowned and pouted slighty. Baekhyun let out a breathy laugh at the sight of the two bestfriend arguing.

“I am friends with Chanyeol already. Aren’t I, Chanyeol-ah?” Baekhyun said as he looked at the flustered Chanyeol. He felt like melting and disappear into the cracks of the floor, because he’s sure there’s no one but losers who’d get butterflies over a friendly gesture from someone.

He’s not a fucking schoolgirl!

He ignored Kyungsoo’s scandalous look because he knew for sure that the cat’s out of the bag. He’s having a big, fat crush on a boy he barely knew but hey, love is blind, in his defence (or “dude the are things I can’t control and my heart is one of them so stop judging me so hard!” if he’s extremely defensive).

“He’s just so beautiful and adorable and cute okay I can’t help it!” Chanyeol rambled in French to Kyungsoo’s face, even though he knew that Kyungsoo didn’t understand half of them.

“God, if only you knew what you’re doing to me .. Dieu, tu es belle ..” Chanyeol said, this time to Baekhyun. It’s better to let it out then to keep bottling it up until it exploded, his teacher once said. Even Baekhyun didn’t understand it at all.

He would one day, when Chanyeol’s ready to love him wholeheartedly.

Three days later, he stumbled upon Baekhyun, who he kept looking out from afar, since he’s afraid that his ears would give out his feelings too much to the smaller boy. He’s self-proclaimed that his crush had upgraded to ‘like’, without he even realizing it.

It just hit him like a 200km/h truck on an empty highway (which was fast as fuck, just for record). He just woke up from an evening nap in beading sweats, dreaming of Baekhyun smiling and kissing him and fuck, he just fucked up his feeling so bad.

Baekhyun was with a person, slightly older and looked like him. They were conversing, probably not that nicely, judging from Baekhyun’s stern face.

“The doctor told me you haven’t been to your appointments. What’s wrong with you?I let you come here not to see you rabbling like a spoiled brat!” the older man said in anger. Baekhyun let out a disgruntled noise, hated to hear about this repeatedly.

“I told you I’m fine already. I can take care of myself!i don’t need to be pampered like a baby!” Baekhyun replied, also in anger.

It didn’t bother Chanyeol that Baekhyun was having an argument with the other, and almost being disrespectful to the older man. It bothered him that he understood what he was saying.

All this while, Baekhyun understood.

He knew.


The next two weeks were spent with Chanyeol feeling so damn embarrassed and avoiding Baekhyun at all cost. Whenever the boy came knocking on his door, he just either ignored him or pretended that he wasn’t home. Even the smell of the freshly out-of-oven brownies wasn’t able to crumble him.

He knew Baekhyun tried to get to him through Kyugsoo and Jongin. Too bad he known the two bastards too well, and they weren’t the best actors alive on earth. He’s been fooled so many times, so he let himself felt the victory of winning against the lovebirds’ tactics this time.

However, the lovebirds’ next antic was unavoidable. Kyungsoo was performing, and there’s no way he would miss it. As much of an asshole Kyungsoo could be, he still Chanyeol’s cherished best friend. He guessed that he could just see Kyungsoo’s performance and leave as soon as it’s over. The chances of meeting a certain Baekhyun could be lowered if he did so.

But, seeing Baekhyun on the stage along with Kyungsoo wasn’t what he expected. He was in his white tux and black dress shirt, eyes nicely rimmed with black eyeliner. He politely bowed to the audience, before heading his way to the piano.

He pressed a key after taking a deep breath and the curtain rolled sideways, revealing Kyungsoo behind a mic stand, wearing matching outfits with Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol knew the song well, John Legend’s All of Me.

A song with memories only both of them shared.

As the song kept going, Chanyeol got to notice how Baekhyun bandaged his wrist. His face was flinching slightly, Chanyeol could see how he holding in the pain in order to finish the song without a mistake. When the performance ended, his eyes met with Baekhyun’s before he left the stage.

Baekhyun’s eyes filled with passion, love and longings.

Chanyeol knew it by then. There’s no reason for him to hide anymore, when Baekhyun made it crystal clear that he needed Chanyeol as much as he needed Baekhyun.

He quickly paced his way to the backstage, and quickly spotted the fluffy brown hair he adored a lot. Kyungsoo was by his side, but he couldn’t care less. He had Jongin to congratulate him and smothered him with compliments and kisses.

Because all he see was Baekhyun at the moment.

He cupped the boy with anxious smile and kissed him, ever so slowly and tenderly.

(He could hear Kyungsoo saying “Yup .. I’m not here .. No need to thank me for helping your lover to go through his Chanyeol-less period and practicing this damn boring song with him .. Yup, Chanyeol .. Just keep tongue fucking each other I don’t mind lol” but he just ignore him, since he’s busy and Jongin was on his way already)

“Dieu, tu es parfait ..” Chanyeol breathed out after breaking apart with the completely flushed boy in front of him.

“Je connais ..” Baekhyun replied a bit cockily, trying to conceal his flustered heart from showing on his face.

“Je vous aime bien” Chanyeol quickly confessed, unable to keep it inside anymore. It’s been an agonizing two weeks without Baekhyun’s eye-blinding smile and adorable laugh. It killed him slowly not to be able to look into those beautiful dark orbs that he loved so much.

“Je vous aime aussi” Bakehyun replied, butterflies doing somersaults inside his stomach as he said those words. He didn’t know why he got nervous whenever Chanyeol was in his radar, but he guessed that’s just how love worked.

“Sois mom petit ami?” Chanyeol asked as he curled his long fingers into Baekhyun’s slender ones. They perfectly fit, and Chanyeol couldn’t hide his wide grin in full bliss anymore.

“Oui!” Baekhyun replied, and pulled Chanyeol into another sweet kiss.

The word ‘je t’aime’ was floating in Chanyeol’s mind as he kissed his friend-to-lover boyfriend back, but he would save it for another day.

The day when he’s sure that Baekhyun’s his one and only, and hoping that Baekhyun’s on the same boat as him.
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